Your garden is often prey to some of the most annoying and frustrating pests, ones that are out there all year round. One of those pests is the grey squirrel. While it looks pretty docile and cute with its fluffy tail and adorable movements as it hops from spot to spot with a nut in its mouth, they won’t hesitate to damage and destroy your garden given the chance.
1. They eat everything: The thing about grey squirrels is that they aren’t picky. They’ll eat everything, from your carefully planted vegetable/fruit crops, to those beautiful ornamentals that you spent years tending and are expecting to be an investment for your property. 
2. They are thorough in their hunt for food: They are persistent, and will leave no stone – well, root – unturned when looking for a feast.
3. They won’t stop at your garden: Grey squirrels are also known for doing a lot of damage to your property in the context of trees, too. This is because they are very adept at stripping bark off your trees, which damages the trees by enabling access for destructive insect pests. As if eating half of your garden wasn’t enough, right?
4. They like plastic too: If you are using plastic hosing or ties in your garden, or have plastic elements to the exterior of your property, squirrels are known for chewing on it. In some cases this habit can potentially weaken the structural integrity of that plastic, including your gutter system.
5. They’re bad for bird feeders: Squirrels are attracted to your property for your garden, but they’ll stay for your bird feeder. Squirrels, like most predator animals, are going to stay close to anywhere they can find food, so remember that when you are getting your bird feeders together, and choose squirrel proof products.
6. They’re everywhere: The thing is, these little pests are smart and breed like crazy. So, they’re everywhere you go, all year round, and they will come back year after year because they know you are always going to be there providing food for them.
So, there you have it. Grey squirrels and the damage they cause in gardens year after year. It can be hard to keep these pests away once they find a food stash, so consulting a professional is always recommended when it comes to dealing with their ever-growing numbers.