Unlike bedbugs, fleas or flies, moths are not considered to put your health at risk, although there is no denying the fact that they are extremely intimidating to have in the house. Before things get to the stage where they are making your life hell,it is not unwise to take the necessary steps – no matter how much effort or money it takes – to undergo effective moths pest control to be free of them for good, rather than continuing to suffer the problems they bring.

In this post,we’ll take a look at some of the most significant signs of moth infestation around the home, and at some essential steps for moth control. Let’s get started.

7 Signs of Moth Infestation:

1. If you notice mysterious holes appearing in your clothes, this could be because moth larvae love chewing them.

2. Do you see moths flying out of opened wardrobes or cupboards? This could be a sign of serious moth invasion. So, when you see this happening, get ready to do some serious moth extermination.

3. If you are having problems with small adult moths mysteriously appearing in your kitchen cupboard, check carefully, as you may find larvae in your bags of flour.

4. Moth larvae can also produce spider like webs. So, if you see something like this, this is a clear sign of a moth infestation.

5. Damage to your chairs, bed, and all type of furniture that is covered with fabric, where it seems to be disintegrating as if being eaten away, is probably moths.

6. When moths are around, carpets in your home won’t keep in good shape for long. So, do check for visible damage to your carpet as well, and start taking steps for carpet moth control.

7. Moths tend to leave piles of a dust-like excreta or frass wherever they are active. So, if you find something like this the bottom of your cupboard or wardrobe, be aware that moths may have infiltrated your house.

Best Tips for Moth Control

1. If you store your clothing’s or bed/furniture coverings for and length of time, make sure to pack them up in plastic air tight bags. If don’t do so, they can become a breeding ground for moths.

2. Another essential step towards effective moth control is vacuuming around your home regularly. Include the hidden areas of your home, plus wardrobes and cupboards.The cleaner you keep your home, the less likely you are to develop a moth infestation.

3. If a moth infestation in your house has become completely out of hand, you may want to consider moth fumigation, which is an excellent way to get rid of moths for the long term.