Hearing the patter of tiny feet above your head is a sure sign of rats in the loft. Having rats in your home is never good, but it can be particularly problematic if your loft is infested with rats. Rat control for lofts is different to rat control in the home because of the smaller space a pest control professional has to work in. 


Having rats in your home is dangerous for you and your family. Rats carry a lot of diseases that could seriously damage your health. Rats also gnaw on a lot of different things, and if they get to your wiring they will cause sparks and may start a fire.
Here we are going to look at some of the main signs of rats in the loft.
1. Scratching sounds – If you can hear tiny feet moving above you, or scratching sounds, it’s a definite sign of rats in the attic. These noises come from the rats running across the attic or climbing up the beams. Depending on how thin your ceiling is, you may even be able to hear them gnawing and chewing whilst the rats nest in your loft.
2. Rat footprints – Another sign of rats in the loft is spotting their footprints. You may be able to see the prints if your loft is especially dusty. If you’re unsure whether there are rats in the attic, you can sprinkle some flour or other powder onto the loft floor and see if they leave any footprints behind.
3. Rat droppings – A rat can produce around 40 droppings overnight. They look like little brown grains of rice, and are often found around the same area. If you can go in your loft and find any droppings, it’s a sure thing you’re dealing with a rat infestation.
4. Loft damage – Rats love to chew, as already mentioned, and the wood and plastic that may be in your loft will be gnawed on. You will notice these small teeth marks upon closer inspection.
5. Rub marks – Rats actually have very poor eyesight, and they tend to use walls and baseboards to find their way around your home. Because of their oily fur, they will leave behind grease and dirt marks. You can look for these marks to determine whether you have a rat control problem.
If you think you have a rat infestation in your loft, get in touch with the professionals here at Catch-it Pest Control today.