Treating fleas can be very difficult, especially if they’ve find their way into your bed. Here’s our guide on how to rid your bed of fleas, and the flea signs and symptoms you can look out for.
Knowing the signs of fleas in your bed and the flea infestation signs means you can properly rid your home of these jumping, biting, itching insects. Treating a flea infestation is never a quick fix, and it will take time to rid your home completely of these parasites.
Signs Of Fleas In Your Bed 
The first step to spotting signs of fleas in your bed is thinking about where they may have come from. If you have pets, they are probably the most likely culprits. A fleas preferred meal is cats, dogs and other furry or feathered friends. But they will bite people if they can’t find a better meal around. If your family pet likes to lounge around on your bedding or your furniture, they will leave their itchy guests behind. And if there’s a flea in your bed, you are an easy meal.
Flea bites can often be confused with bed bug bites. This is because they look very similar – a small, red welt that is very itchy. However there are ways you can tell them apart. One of the easiest ways to spot a flea problem is to watch your pets. If they’re scratching too, it’s most likely that it’s fleas your dealing with.
If you have fleas in your bed, the removal of the infestation has a lot of steps to the process. First of all, you need to collect all of your bedding and wash them in hot water. Then whip out the vacuum and hoover any area that you suspect may be a flea hotspot.
After you’ve done the first steps of the flea removal, you need to turn to your pets. You should only use pet flea removal treatments that have been prescribed by your vet to suit your animal. Your pet should be treated every month so you can avoid any future infestations.
Once you’ve treated your pet, focus on the rest of your house. Pay attention to the areas of your home where your pets like to sleep – don’t forget to wash their bedding.
If you are concerned about a flea pest control problem in your home, it’s time to call in Catch-it Pest Control. Our qualified technicians will thoroughly investigate your home and determine the source of the infestation, then take the required steps to eliminate it.