Working 24 hours every day in London means our pest controllers have seen just about every rodent control problem you can have. They have seen rats, mice and a plethora of other pests in lots of different buildings across the capital city. And they know first hand that when you ignore the problem, it will only get worse. In some cases, the outcome is devastating. 
Here are some of the weirdest rodent infestations we’ve come across. Always remember that these are the most extreme cases, and that we handle any infestation no matter what size.
A family contacted us when they noticed there was a hole chewed in the back of one of their kitchen cupboards. That’s how the rats entered there home. They ignored the problem and thought it would simply disappear and the rats would move on.
Over time the damage around the home grew worse as the rat population grew. The rats even began stealing food off the table and the kitchen work surfaces. This was when the family finally called us to check out their home.
By the time we got there, there was over 100 rats in the home and some of the damage they had done was irreparable. We had to set over 100 traps until we finally got all of the rats out of the house.
Another one of our clients decided to domesticate 6 rats that he had found in his home. He was called away for work for a few days, and thought the rats would be able to take care of themselves. 
When he returned home, the rats had escaped the cage and were running rampant in the house. They had made holes in his walls, got into the food cupboards and even chewed up some wiring. We had to lay out baited traps to catch these rats, and use peanut butter as the bait.
If you think you may have a rodent problem and have been seeing signs of rats around your home, don’t end up like one of these stories. The longer you wait to call us, the worse the problem will get. If you see a rat anywhere in your home, you must call an exterminator immediately.