Some pests are highly destructive. So what happens when you have an infestation in your garden? Pests will eat anything they can see, so your lawn and plants are at risk from being eaten. If you have noticed your leaves looking a bit bare lately, it may be a good indicator you have a pest problem. Some pests like foxes will also dig up your flower beds if you don’t have a good fox deterrent regime in place.
So how can you protect your lawn and plants from being damaged by pests? 
• Regularly fertilise and nourish your plants and lawn. This will allow them build strong root systems. A healthy plant is a lot less likely to be attacked by insects, or become diseased.
• Choose plants for your garden that pests don’t like. It may be the perfect time to plant that herb garden, as certain herbs like rosemary are hated by pests.
• Clear your garden of clutter and rubbish regularly. The more cluttered your garden is, the more inviting it will be to pests like foxes and rats.
• Water your plants and lawn earlier on in the day. This will make sure the foliage is dry for most of the day. Wet plants and grass encourages pests more, so eliminate water from around your garden.
• Encourage helpful bugs. Insects like ladybirds are brilliant at eating pests, and keep your plants healthy too.
• Rotate your plants every year if you can. Pests tend to have a favourite plant, so moving it around your garden will stop them from re-infesting.
• Pull out your weak plants and weeds. These are the ones the pests will go for the most. Once you’ve pulled it out, dispose of it in a sealed bin, or away from the garden area in case the pests have already infested it.
• Keep checking your lawn and plants regularly for pest problems.
• A lot of pest control products are available in garden centres, so if you are sure what pest is the problem, and the problem is small, you may be able to treat it yourself.
• Have a professional pest controller come and identify which pests are causing the problem. Treating the infestation yourself before you’ve identified the pests will result in more damage and the infestation will still be present.