Pest pigeons are common in many urban areas of the UK. While many pest problems call for the use of chemicals or exterminating the creatures involved, dealing with pest pigeons is governed by different regulations, and therefore different methods of control must be used. To address these issues, there are places within the UK where birds of prey are used as pest control for nuisance birds. While there is support both for and against the use of these predatory birds, it is a technique that is used quite often these days. In London, it is frequently used for pigeon pest control in public spaces and parks.
In support of using birds of prey, there is the fact that often just the presence of these birds is enough to scare off the majority of the population of nuisance birds from an area. The fact that they are flying around and searching for prey is what keeps the pigeons away from these urban zones. Additionally, many argue that this is a natural and humane way of dealing with pests that supports the rule of “survival of the fittest”.
Now, for the other side of the argument. When looking at pest control for pigeons, many animal rights activist groups are taking issue with using birds of prey as a method of public pest control. This is because the death of a nuisance bird at the hands – or claws, rather – of a hawk or falcon is painful and cruel by anyone’s standards. Additionally, the fact that onlookers may witness this terrible death is an unsavoury detail that many of those in favour of this method tend to overlook. 
This is certainly not a complete list of the reasons both in favour of and against the use of prey birds for controlling the pigeon population. There is still much research and many more trials that need to be done in order to determine whether this is a good long term option or not. 
If you’re looking for pest control options for pesky pigeons on your own property – if you do hear bird noises in your home, or notice droppings accumulating outside near the property – that you call in a professional pest control company to assess the situation and take care of it properly, humanely, and within the law.