The workplace can be subject to all sorts of rules, making them places that are governed by specific regulations. And rules are often in place due to safety needs and requirements. Pest control rules are one of the best examples to look at in terms of  health and safety in the workplace, and why pest control and – ultimately – pest elimination is so important.
Pests can be kept out of workplaces a variety of ways. The easiest is way to make sure holes and cracks inside and outside the building are taken care of regularly. This means that pests cannot get into the building to begin with. Remember that many pests can get in through even the smallest crack, so make sure every single crack is taken care of.
Keeping the commercial workplace clean and sanitary is another way to prevent pests, as they won’t come into your workplace if there is no dirt for them to hide in, or food for them to eat. This is good to do, anyway, for customer health and safety.
Make sure you call in a properly licensed pest control company if you find an infestation. Nip the problem in the bud while you have the chance, as it can lead to a large, out of control problem before you know it.
Pests can cause many problems in the workplace because they carry diseases that can be transferred to humans. Be they cockroaches or rats, pests are extremely bad for bringing in all sorts of germs and bacteria that can cause harm and sickness in humans.
Lastly, pests are terrible in workplaces because clients and customers do want to come in and see a line of ants marching across the bathroom floor or a mouse running across their shoes (or worse). They expect a professional experience in coming to your place of work, so keeping pests under control is a part of customer experience and professionalism. 
There seems to be no end of problems that pests can cause: everything from health problems to dangerous physical damage in the environment to a loss of customers if the problem is serious enough. No matter what your motivation is, make sure you take pest control tasks seriously, be it a corporate atmosphere, or a food preparation service. Your customers want a clean and pest-free environment, and so do your co-workers and employees. Make sure that pest control-related tasks remain high on your list of priorities.