Whenever you experience a UK pigeon control problem in your home, you may think what made those birds nest in your home. There are multiple places on your property that a pigeon will love to nest, and we’re going to look at some of the places you might find them, as well as the reasons they may have chosen that spot.
The most important thing a pigeon will look for when choosing a place to nest is the safety. They want to lay their eggs and care for their young in a place where predators and humans won’t harass them. This is why it’s so common for people to find pigeons nesting in the attic. It’s an area where predators won’t find them, and we rarely go up there either to disturb them.
When you think of nests you probably think about a cute little nook in a tree, but pigeons aren’t that picky. Any nook, ledge and cranny of your house can serve as a great building site for the perfect nest. Look in your window sills, guttering and roof shingles – anywhere there is enough space to cram in a nest.
Pigeons also look for places that are concealed to build their nests. This is to protect their eggs and young from predators, from birds such as hawks who will swoop down and take one for breakfast. Pigeons have been known to build nests in air vents, chimneys and garages, purely because of how great the protection is that it will give them.
Another factor on where pigeons will nest is if there is a great food source nearby. Nests are made for their babies, and those babies really need to eat. Pigeons will be going back and forth all day bringing food to the nest for their young. Building their nests close to food sources makes it easier and safer for them to gather what they need to raise their babies.
It’s a common misconception that pigeons and other birds sleep in their nests. They spend a lot of time there, but the nests aren’t for them to sleep. The nests are for the babies, like a cot is for a human baby. A pigeon will roost on any sort of perch, so they also want their perches to be sheltered and high up in the air, just like their nests.
If you’ve got a pigeon problem, call in Catch-it Pest Control today. We can safely and effectively take care of those birds before they have a chance to ruin your day from above.