Pests that live inside your walls



Pest infestation doesn’t always mean that pests are visible to you or live in full view. In any case, pests make their home in the wall cavities of your home. Do you ever hear a loud scratching noises noise coming from the walls or ceiling and wonder what on earth it is? If you do, there is a pretty good chance that pests have started living in your walls. These pests will mainly be rats, mice, or squirrels, but it is also possible it might be an insect problem.

Are rodents living in the walls?

Rodents have the ability to chew and have pretty strong teeth. They can chew through skirting boards, plasterboard, and insulation, and are very successful at using the space, and the materials they find there, to thrive and breed. This can be a disaster. Once they start building their nests, they reproduce at an alarming rate. And once they start reproducing, they are likely to expand their empire. They can do that only by inhabiting more and more of your wall cavity, potentially damaging wiring and building structure with their intense chewing.

Rats are more discrete in their chewing habits, but they do make a lot of noise. The faint sound of small objects rolling, chirping, rustling, or even something being dropped is quite common. They are mostly active nights and rest during the daytime. They have a particular penchant for chewing electrical wires, which could lead to a fire hazard. This is just one reason why rats living in your wall are a major cause for concern.

Squirrels, since they weigh more, make more noise as they move around, carrying acorns or nuts for food. Squirrels are generally active in the daytime and at night they return to their nests, which can be rather smelly places. Squirrels, if they stay for a long time, tend to form a colony of squirrels, which can create quite a ruckus.

Could that noise in the wall be insects?

There are other pests as well, that might have invaded your walls. Carpenter ants are a popular addition to the category as they can easily get inside walls. They are active at night and are very noisy. As suggested by their name, they have the ability to chew wood. Another type of insect that has a tendency to enter the walls of buildings through wall voids are wasps. They can be identified by the sound of their unmistakable buzzing and scratching.

With any of these pests, you always have the option to consult professional pest control services in the event of an infestation in your house. You really should call a technician the second you hear any scratching sound. You cannot afford to wait for serious damage to occur.