Cleaning your bin is never one of the most loved chores around the home. But making sure your outdoor bin area is clean and tidy could go a long way in preventing pests. There are numerous pests that can attack your bins if you give them the chance to.
Common pests that will attack your bins are foxes, squirrels, insects and rodents. Your bin is a great source of food for any sort of pest. Here are some simple steps you can take to make sure your bin doesn’t become a hot spot for pests.
• Keep your bins clean – It’s not a task that you will look forward to, but if you clean your bin on a regular basis, the less arduous it will be. Remember to disinfect your bin, and rinse it out afterwards to stop pest infestations.
• Securely tie your bin bags – All rubbish should be put into a durable bin bag and tied securely at the top. If you don’t tie your bin bags tightly, waste can fall out which will attract pests.
• Empty all containers – Most of the containers you put into your bins will probably have contained food. If you clean these properly before you put them in the bin, you can prevent a pest control problem.
• Secure the lid – Your bin should have a tight fitting lid so that no pests can get into it. Check your bin for damage on a regular basis to make sure no flies or maggots can get in there.
• Prepare your rubbish – Taking the time to prepare your rubbish before you put it outside will help you avoid pest infestations. Wash out all of your containers and double bag discarded meat and fish to stop pests from attacking your bins.
• Cut down on your waste – Can you reuse any of your boxes, or maybe you could start a compost pile. The less waste you have, the less chance you will have of experience a pest infestation in your bins.
Following these steps will help you to keep your bin clean and pest free. For more pest control advice and prevention tips, call Catch-it Pest Control today.