A quick story

Nicole was a cheerful professional programmer. She worked at a local software development firm. Every day at lunchtime, she would go two blocks from her office to her favourite restaurant. One day, she ordered a pizza. She sat sipping her wine until the pizza arrived, and the waiter placed it with a smile on her table. Nicole’s mouth watered, and she picked up a slice to have her first bite. Within seconds,she felt like she would throw up. No one had any idea of what was happening until she screamed at the waiter, yelling that there was a cockroach roasted in with the topping of that slice. Since then, Nicole has never returned to that restaurant.

Does it relate to you?

What you read above is a totally fictional story, my apologies for that. But the fact is that this kind of thing can easily happen to any business or restaurant, if they don’t take pest management seriously, and one simple incident can cost them their livelihood. If you personally had an experience like that, what would be your next intuition? Would you like to return to that place ever again? I’m pretty sure that your answer will be straight, no! Never! Just imagine how many food oriented businesses this story might relate to. Pests area threat to your business.

You need emergency pest control

If you own a restaurant in London, and have started to see the odd one or two unwanted pests lurking around, the problem will only escalate if left unchecked, and you could end up driving away customers from your establishment. You shouldn’t wait to take action…call any of the best London pest services available in your area. Pests are a bigger threat to your restaurant business than you can ever imagine. Not only does person who sees a pest in your restaurant become disgusted and aim never to go back again, but due to the word of mouth, it’s highly likely that his or her acquaintances will also develop the same sentiments towards your eatery.Resulting in a drop of dozens if not hundreds of potential customers.