Most gardeners are worried about insects attacking and ruining all the plants. But there are other pests that can get in your garden and create a whole lot of havoc too. Rodents such as mice and rats, foxes and the need for squirrel pest control can also be a problem in your garden. 
So obviously there are more pests out there that you want to keep out. To be able to pest proof your garden the right way for you, you have to find out what’s attracting the pests into your garden in the first place. Once you know what they’re attracted to, you can change the habitat so it will discourage them from moving onto your turf. 
Here are some ways you can effectively pest proof your garden the right way. 
• Remove their shelter – Pests want three things – food, water and shelter. Removing wood piles, tall grass and debris makes sure a pest has nowhere to hide in your garden. If you have any piles of wood, make sure to move it every so often and keep it as far away from the house as possible. 
• Eliminate their food source – Bird feeders can be a massive attraction for pests. If you are having a problem with pests in your garden, try taking down the bird feeders for a few weeks. Don’t put any sort of bird seed on the ground. Make sure it’s always in a feeder, and that it doesn’t spill when you refill it. 
• Keep your bins clean – If you have your bins in your garden, you must make sure to keep them clean. Washing them down with a hose and some soap once a week makes sure there’s no leftover food that might be a big attraction for. Flies are a problem in particular. 
• Seal entrances – Mice and other pests can squeeze through the tiniest gaps imaginable. It’s important to check your garden, including in your shed, for any holes that a pest could use as an easy access route. 
• Fencing – It’s best to do fence repairs at least once a year so no pests can get through holes or gaps. If pests are burrowing underneath your fence, you can bury cloth in the ground to stop them from gaining access.