Using hawks and falcons to control pigeons is becoming more and more popular in the UK. It is a green and natural way of removing pigeons, that is in tune with nature. It is also considered highly effective, environmentally friendly and public friendly too.  Although it’s doesn’t spring to mind as an effective method of bird control, the use of hawks or falcons is simple and mess-free. Wimbledon, for example, uses hawks to prevent pigeons going near the courts, and Trafalgar Square has used hawks for years to keep pigeons away. 
Using birds of prey as pest control is really simple. Bird handlers will fly the hawks or falcons through the area that has been affected, and repeat the process several times for a prolonged period. This in turn teaches the local bird population that the area is unsafe, and encourages them to move on and find somewhere else to roost and eat. Birds of prey that are used in this way are taught to scare species that would normally be their dinner. It is extremely rare for a trained hawk or falcon to attack or kill a pigeon, making it a really humane way of keeping pigeons away from your property. The birds remain under the control of their handler for the duration of the treatment, and can be recalled quickly if needed. 
There’s loads of advantages of this method. Hawks are really useful in large public areas because they have such a big territory range. There is no equipment that needs installing or maintaining, which means the problem can be resolved quickly. You are also able to schedule when your bird handler visits your property, and they will change their methods according to your needs, and the scale of the problem. 
These birds can be used in rural or urban areas. They are just as effective wherever needed. Some falconers also specialise in rabbit and rodent problems too, although this normally means exterminating the pests so isn’t as humane as bird deterring. Provided the birds are trained correctly by a professional bird handler, it is a completely safe and successful method of pest control.