Home sales are a common everyday occurrence here in London, so it’s time to talk about pest control when you decide to sell up and move on. Here are our best tips on how to handle your pest control when selling your home. 
Selling a house is a lot of hard work. So don’t make it any harder by also having to deal with pests,  by using these tips. 
• Prevent pests – All pests are driven by the constant need to survive. They seek out three things in order to do this; food, water and shelter. If you make these three necessary things scarce around your home, pests will have to search elsewhere for them. Eliminate all sources of standing water and food from around your home. This could include fixing leaky plumbing, cleaning up food spills (especially behind the fridge and oven) and keeping your home tidy. Keep your property clean from top to bottom to prevent pests. And here’s a bonus; a clean and tidy house will attract better offers from buyers. 
• Listen for strange sounds – You will be able to tell if there are rodents scurrying around your house by the sound. If you put your ear to a wall you suspect is infested, you can actually hear the pests moving around inside. You don’t want prospective buyers hearing them…that’s for sure.
• Seal up entry points – Fill in the cracks around your home with putty, or consider repainting / re-wallpapering the area. Remember some pests can gnaw through soft materials like wood, so you may have to fill in some holes with really strong material like metal. You might want to consider calling a professional to help make sure that any points of entry have been sealed up securely and safely. 
• Call the experts here at Catch-it – Even if it results in lost viewing times or a chemical smell, calling in the professionals means a lot less work for you. A temporary inconvenience is a lot better than a potential buyer seeing pests running around your home. If you are worried you have a pest infestation in your London home that you’re trying to sell, give us a call today and we can come out and survey your property for you.