Pest Control For Responsible Pet Owners

Every London homeowner should have a great pest control prevention routine in place. However, things get a lot more complicated when you have pets living with you.
Pets don’t understand the risks of pest control products and can be put in danger because of them.
The irony is, although it is possible to have fleas without pets, generally speaking, pets actually attract the pests. Prevention is always better than a cure when it comes to pest control. Some basic pest prevention you can do it to make sure no leftover pet food is left out overnight, and remove any animal waste in the house and the garden quickly.
Here are some best practices to use when you need to implement pest control products around your pets.

Rodent Baits

When a rodent eats the bait, it causes them to have internal bleeding which puts them to sleep and then kills them. Unfortunately, if it is ingested by your pet it will have the same effect.
So, extreme care needs to be taken. Bait is designed to look like food, so it attracts your pet to eat it. If you do have rodent baits around your home you need to keep them well away from your pets. You also need to check them very often for any dead rodents and dispose of the bodies in case your pet tries to eat them.

Rodent Traps 

Mouse and rat traps can be very tricky to use, and take a lot of skill and patience in order for them to work. You need to make sure that any snap traps you put around your home and garden are kept well out of reach of children and pets to prevent any injuries.


When a spray is used, the liquid can be absorbed through the skin. If you do want to use a pesticide spray, make sure all the animals are out of the area, and that you keep them out until the spray has dried.
If you have any fish in your home, do not use spray around any tanks or aquariums. Make sure you move them to a different location, as it only takes a small amount of insecticide to kill fish.
Pest control products can harm your pets, so you have to be very responsible when you use them. If in doubt, be sure to get advice from a professional pest control company like ourselves here at Catch-it. Always read the instructions, and take the proper safety measures to ensure your pet remains unharmed.