Happy New Year

New year.New hopes. New resolutions. Despite the obvious ups and downs in our lives, there were still a lot of things that made us smile in 2015. I bet they’re revolving around your mind right now.

What pests made 2015 bothersome to you?

Deep within the dark, mostly invisible areas of your home, garden, appliances, and even under the roof of your house – there were some house guests who also flourished throughout the previous year. They have been successfully, but ruthlessly, ruining everything they could find that was accessible to them. They made you scream,they made you frightened, and they made you feel disgusted. They were those unwanted pests that shouldn’t have been allowed to stay in your home for even an hour. But they were there for the most (if not whole) year of 2015.

Looking forward

But what have you decided now? Do you want 2016 to be just as tedious and pest infested as 2015, when there are options available to make your home the safe haven you wish it to be for the year ahead? I think your answer will be, obviously, “No!”

Indeed, it’s a great thing to have a burning desire like this. But as we know all too well, desire is not the only thing needed to make a change. You need to take action. And by action I mean seriously taking into account the following pest control resolutions throughout the year in 2016.

Top 4 New Year Pest Resolutions For 2016

1. Get yourself some plastic sealed containers and boxes for storing clothing. Fabric items are one of the most vulnerable things to pests inside your home. There can’t really be a more easy and simple way to stop resident pests from chewing your food and clothing than this.

2. Do not let the rubbish build up and stay in your home. Make a resolution to dispose it off as regularly as you can.

3. In order to not end up eating pests, try to store your food in air tight containers and make sure they are in the fridge, as well as clearing up those crumbs before going to bed.

4. Make sure to clean regularly and thoroughly. There is no underestimating the power of a jolly good clean and clear out to rid yourself of pest droppings and urine tracks (which rodents use to find their way around), and insect eggs which lie dormant waiting to hatch when the warmer weather arrives.