The first thing that you should know about wasps is that they’re not all bad. Yes, I realise that most people don’t want to hear this, but you should know the facts. That being said, seeing them buzz harmlessly outdoors at a distance and having them flying around inside your home or nesting in your garage are two different things entirely. 
Here are a couple of great ways to keep wasps outside.
• Watch the food sources in your home
Wasps love sugar, so make sure you do your best to keep your sugary contents refrigerated or contained, and any residue cleaned and washed up. Wasps will be able to smell the good stuff easily, making your home a target for wasps searching for a tasty treat.
• Seal off all entryways
Wasps are tiny creatures that can find their way into your property easily. Then of course there is the danger they will start to build a nest and cause you no end of problems. Make sure you regularly check your sheds, outbuildings and basements for cracks and crevices. Keep wasps out by not allowing them to find a way in the first place.
If you can’t even stand the idea of wasps in your garden, here are a couple of ways to get rid of them without causing harm to yourself or the environment with harsh insecticides.
• Use a fake nest
These are great, and make for an easy way to keep wasps away from your environment. Wasps are extremely territorial and will not build a nest if they see another “nest” (ie: your fake one) hanging on the same property. Definitely something to consider.
• Rub soap on their favourite surfaces 
Drive wasps away by rubbing soap of any kind on their favourite surfaces such as the eaves of a house. This will make it unlikely for these pests to build a nest there, and will force them to move to another property to create their home. 
How you decide to tackle a wasp problem is your choice, but these options should help make sure that wasps stay away. Of course, if you find you have a nest or swarm on your property despite taking these measures, the only really safe way to proceed is to call a professional wasp removal service.