Our homes are the perfect places for moths to find a home for themselves. Many of us have had to deal with infestations at one point of another and understand the frustration of the process entirely. Unfortunately, the problem is about to get worse, as many home owners are finding that moths are worse this year than ever before, meaning it’s time for you to get some moth tips so that you can make sure you suffer as few consequences as possible. Here they are…
1.Be prepared
Yes, this may sound silly, but it’s important to accept the fact that moths are a problem. Don’t stick your head in the sand, or you won’t be able to get your home (and wardrobes) ready for the reality that moths are likely to be making their way into your home to find some of your woollens to munch on. Accept this fact and you will be prepared to find a solution.
2.Put light in the dark spots
Moths are looking for cool, dark, damp places to lay their eggs, so make sure that your home doesn’t have any spots like that. Shake out your clothing and put it all in a dry area and full of light that will drive moths away.
3.Keep your home clean and dry
Keeping your home clean (even the dark corners in the basement) is a great way to deter months from finding a home there. This is great, too, because if a nest is built, you can find it much faster. Cleaning out everything on a regular basis is always good anyway.
4.Find the source
This is critical if you think you have an infestation. Check out to see if there are nests in old clothing, old stuffed toys, carpets, under rugs, mattresses, everything. Find the source and make sure you get rid of it so that it is no longer in your home.
5.Try any- and everything
When all else fails, try anything and everything in regards to moth prevention and extermination. Something will help, and with the rate of infestation rising, anything is better than nothing. Pheromone traps, cedar wood, lavender oil, moth sprays are all useful, but calling in a moth control firm may be the only way to get rid of them effectively if the situation is critical.
Moths are sneaky pests that are more than just a simple nuisance. If you are looking to get rid of them, these tips should help you get started on the right foot. Here’s to hoping they stay out of your homes this year!