When the weather starts to get cooler in Autumn, it leaves the mice outside scrambling for somewhere warm to hole up for the winter. If you have suddenly noticed some signs of a mice infestation, it’s time to get some help from professional pest controllers. 
Anyone can be susceptible to a mouse infestation. They might pick your house for their new home because it’s warm, and has great food on offer for them. Mice can get into your home in a variety of very clever ways. Remember that they can squeeze through holes the size of a rubber on the end of a pencil. That’s a really tight squeeze!
How To Tell If You Have Mice In Your Home
Aside from physically seeing mice running around your home, there’s other ways you can spot if your having a mouse problem. You can do a really thorough search of your London home, and see if there’s any evidence of nesting, droppings or gnaw marks on your furniture.
Mice are most active at night, so keep a keen ear out to see if you can hear any mice scuttling round.
One of the main reasons why Autumn will be driving mice indoors is because of the lack of food. Winter is a very barren time, but your home can provide a mouse with an abundance of food that will keep them satisfied in the cooler months.
Having mice in your home is incredibly dangerous, which is why you need to act as soon as you spot any signs of an infestation. Mice will chew through electrical wiring, which then sparks and causes fires. A mouse also carries a whole host of diseases which are easily passed on to your through contaminated surfaces.
You can protect your home in a number of ways. Make sure you fix any holes or cracks around your home, sealing off all entry points. You can also set traps. But your best bet is hiring a professional pest control service. For any sort of London mouse control problems, please get in touch with Catch-it immediately for emergency pest control services.