Your restaurant is a place that makes you smile with pride and excitement over the masterpieces that you create. On that same note, it is also has a lot of requirements to keep everything working smoothly in terms of safety and sanitation, too. That’s why it’s a hard job. With all of the duties that you have in a restaurant, pest control can often slip to the side in terms of priorities, but it really shouldn’t.
The truth of it is, making sure that your restaurant stays pest free should be a major priority for you, because all it takes is one shriek of “Mouse!” for your business to plummet and for you to have to shut up shop. So, here are some tips to make sure that you stay pest free.
• Be proactive
The easiest way to keep pests out of your restaurant is to make sure that you keep them from getting in in the first place. Seal up cracks in the building, keep the bathrooms clean and spill free, make sure that your windows and screens are sealed, etc. Get out ahead of it. It’s much better that simply doing damage control later, and much cheaper, too.
• Delegate cleaning tasks
When it comes to the actual cleaning process, make sure that you hand those tasks out to the right people. For example, if you want the sinks cleaned, make sure that the prep cooks do that, etc. You can make the cleaning process easy by just assigning the task to the right people so that everyone has a little piece of the solution to take care of.
• Watch your storeroom
The biggest attraction to insects and rodents is spoiled food, so make sure that you are rotating out the food as much as you can so that you are taking proper care of your food and ensuring that it won’t spoil, and if it does, make sure you get it out of the building as soon as possible.
• Learn from other’s mistakes
It’s sad to say, but you need to learn from the mistakes of others around you in the business. If you know that other restaurant owners nearby have had issues with mice, for example, make sure you take extra precaution with mice in your own place.
These precautionary, preventative measures will give you a starting point to making sure you always keep your customers happy and well fed.