You may think that winter is the time to relax on pest control. But that is certainly not the case! 
Now it is true that a lot of pests will clear out with the onset of the cooler months right around the corner. This is because the cold actually affects their metabolisms. But there is still reason you need to prepare your London home for winter.
Here are some tips that can make sure you stay pest free for the winter months.
Now we all turn the heating on during the winter months, but this may be drawing the pests inside. We want to make sure our houses are as comfortable as possible, but pests find them just as comfy too. So even though pests are dying off in winter, you might be inviting them to stay with you instead.
Another thing you need to be on the lookout for is the pests that hibernate during the winter. Pests that do this need to find somewhere protected and sheltered so they stay safe all winter long. And your home environment could be a lovely place for them to do that. Spending a nice few months tucked up cosily in your home would do a pest a whole world of wood. Even if they don’t infest your home, they may invade your garden or chimney because of the food available to them.
Now is the time to make sure your London home is protected against winter pests. Prevention is always key to ensure your home is never infested with potentially dangerous pests, especially at this time of year. This makes sure that pests can’t lay eggs or have babies in your home either, stopping a major infestation from happening further down the road. It’s best to start your pest prevention routine today so you’re not stuck with a pest problem in a few months time.
Call Catch-it Pest Control to get ahead on the pest preparation ready for winter in your home in the London area. We have experience in preventing pests all year round, so you won’t ever have to experience a pest control problem again.