Even though we’ve been told of the season change, it definitely doesn’t feel like typical Autumn weather at the moment. And it’s this strange weather, along with the humidity that it brings, that is affecting mosquitoes in London. 
When the weather gets colder, the mosquitoes tend to start disappearing, but because we’re experiencing warmer weather, they’re sticking round into the late season. So are mosquitoes something you should still be doing pest control treatments for?
Now don’t think that just the cold weather will kill of the mosquitoes. The numbers will go down as we transition into the winter, but if there’s been a large number before winter (which there has been this year) then it will take longer for them to die out.
Mosquitoes lay their eggs before the winter. These eggs can survive really low temperatures, even being preserved in ice. Then when the warm weather starts to hit, the eggs hatch and produce large numbers of mosquitoes. Making sure you remove most of the population of mosquitoes before winter will help to reduce the chances of late season mosquitoes in London.
Even more terrifying is the fact that disease infected mosquitoes pass those diseases on to their eggs. So even the dangerous diseases will survive through the colder months. We’ve heard all about the different types of viruses mosquitoes can carry through the news. So it’s really important to eliminate a mosquito problem as soon as you spot it.
If you are noticing late season mosquitoes around your property, it’s important to have them treated immediately before they can transmit any type of diseases. London pest control can help you with any sort of mosquito or pest problem you may be having. Get in touch with Catch-it today for more advice on mosquito control for this time of year.