Having any types of species of ants in your home is stressful, but having a kitchen ants infestation can be doubly frustrating. There are a few UK kitchen pest ants types that can invade your home, and the ants you may find in the kitchen can do damage to your food and contaminate it.
Here we’re going to look at the different kitchen ants types. Knowing the different ant species can help you get clued up on their habits, leading to more effective ant pest control.
Kitchen Ants Types 
The most common type of ant you will find in your kitchen is the pharaoh ant. They have been causing a nuisance in our homes for a long time, and are also a bother to other places such as hospitals. The black garden ant and red ant may also venture into your kitchen in the search for food. If they find a great food source, they will leave a trail behind them for other ants to follow. This leads to an ant problem in your kitchen.
It’s easy to spot an ant infestation in the garden because it will normally be accompanied by a nest or a mound where the ants are living. However when they’re in your home, the only real sign of ants is seeing them in front of you. You may also notice damage to your food if it isn’t stored properly or you have fresh fruit in fruit bowls in your kitchen.
The only way to keep ants out of your kitchen is to prevent them. Here are our top tips for preventing ants from getting anywhere near your kitchen and causing chaos.
• Seal cracks and crevices – Any holes around your home, including in windows and the spaces under doors can all be used by ants to enter your home. Seal these entrances to stop providing ants with easy access points.
• Use talcum powder – Talc is great as a barrier to prevent ants from coming into your home.
• Store your food properly – Having great food storage techniques is a vital part of any prevention. Ants want to eat your food, so making sure it’s stored properly means there will be nothing to attract them into your food.
• Use home remedies – A small ant problem can be treated easily with reliable home remedies. Lemon is great for this if you have small children and pets around.
If you are having a problem with ant species in your kitchen, it’s best to get in touch with Catch-it Pest Control today.