Rats are nasty creatures that are disgusting enough to see climbing around through sewers on TV, let alone in your basement or attic at home. Many people find themselves dealing with rat infestations, and looking for a solution that will keep them out of their homes for good. As such, the battle between killing rats and simply repelling them often comes up as a dilemma for those desperate homeowners. Here is some information on both sides of the issue to help you make your decision.
The debate of killing a rat instead of repelling it often depends on your stomach. For those who have no qualms about handling a rat carcass, killing might be the best way to go. A dead rat in a trap means that you have one less rat running around your basement, right?  When it comes to poison, however, you have to be more careful. Handling a poisoned rat is one thing, but if the rat heads back to its hiding spot between your walls and dies from the poison, you’re going to have one smelly situation on your hands, which is the last thing you want to deal with.
Repelling a rat can be done by blocking up and repairing any holes or weaknesses in the perimeter of your home (both inside and outside). Make sure all food sources are sealed away, and consider methods such as peppermint oil around the edges of your windows and doors, or using sonic devices. This will keep rats from coming back into your home once they’ve been driven out. Repelling them means you won’t have to worry about the potential dangers of poison (especially if you have pets), and while this may take more day to day upkeep, you won’t need to be responsible for getting rid of dead rats yourself.
The deliberating factor of repel vs kill can often come down to the severity of the infestation. If you know your home is riddled with rats, odds are that simply repelling them isn’t going to be very effective. In these sorts of situations, you should work on getting rid of the freeloaders by calling a professional, and then switch to repelling them from that point on.
There is no “right” answer when it comes to dealing with rats, so choose one that makes you feel comfortable, and use that as your main defence against them.