A big problem with using conventional methods of exterminating insects in your London home is that they can be unsafe for you and your family. Using pesticides leaves a big chance of insects re-infesting your home. Small insects can move through your walls and spread quickly to the rest of your house. This is why it is so hard to completely kill them during treatment. Repeated treatments with pesticides is expensive, and very unsafe for families and pets. 
So to combat insects in your property, heat treatments are a fast, safe and effective way to destroy infestations with one treatment. All it needs is heat, so there’s no dangerous chemicals being used in your home. There is no need to leave your home when the treatment is applied either. All of your furniture and mattresses can be easily treated with heat, and all of your belongings will be safe.
How Heat Treatment Works 
When heat treatment for bed bugs is applied, the temperature slowly rises for three to six hours. This causes insects to die at all stages of life, effectively killing insect eggs and adults in one go. Heat treatments should always be carried out by a licensed pest control company such as ourselves because:
• We have the right equipment, saving you the money of having to buy or rent it;
• We can monitor the heat throughout your house to make sure all areas get hot enough to kill insects, but not damage your property;
• We have expert technicians who are trained in heat treatment methods.
Experiencing an insect infestation in your London home can be very stressful, and it can be tempting to turn towards the cheaper option of DIY pest control. These methods are often unsafe, and end up making the problem worse and not better. Using chemicals around your home is dangerous for you, your family and your family pets. Without the proper training, chemicals should be avoided at all costs.
To find out more about the health implications of bed bugs, there is a lot of info online. For information on heat treatments and other areas of pest control, please get in touch with us today.