Bed bugs are the worst pest to have in your home, and the most dreaded. How to treat bed bugs is the first thing anyone suffering from an infestation thinks of. Luckily bed bug heat treatment is super effective, more so than bed bug fumigation. For effective bed bug control, get in touch with Catch-it today. We use bed bug treatment methods which are 100% effective at treating a bed bug infestation.
Here we are going to look at treating bed bugs with heat. Killing them with heat is simple, and only entails the interior of your home being made hot enough so that bed bugs cannot survive. Heat reaches every corner and permeates all materials, so no bed bug is left untouched. There’s no need to check your home for bed bug nests this way, as your whole home can be treated quickly and effectively.
The Treatment 
The pest controller who comes into your home will monitor the treatment process for you. They can make sure that your property is hot enough for a long enough period of time so that every bed bug is touched by the lethal amount of heat.
Generally speaking, a heat treatment takes 2 to 3 hours. This treatment will kill the majority of the bed bugs and their eggs that are present. If you do not need to immediately re-enter your home, keep the heat at the highest level possible for longer than the recommended time so that you can make sure all the bed bugs are dead.
Why Heat Works 
The reason that heat is so effective at killing bed bugs is because they cannot live at extreme temperatures. At normal home temperature they will survive and flourish, laying eggs and spreading the infestation through your home. When you change the temperature drastically, they won’t be able to survive.
Once the optimum temperature has been reached, the bed bugs will either flee your home if they can find a way out, or they will die. Simple and straightforward. There is no possibility that they can experience such high temperatures for extended periods of time and come out swinging.
Heat can also move through every part of your room, affecting your beds, sheets, mattresses and linens. Any bugs found will be killed no matter where they are. Killing them with other methods such as fumigation means you have to find them first.
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