One of the most common types of pests that is becoming immune to poisons is rats. These rats, dubbed super rats, look no different to older generations of the rodents. However, they have a genetic mutation that allows them to survive poison. Once a rare occurrence, this year the super rat has been sighted more and more often, and there a lot more in Britain than we thought. It is has been found that out of 10.5 million rats in the UK, 70% of rats are now resistant to household poisons. This means that the number of vermin could potentially boom in the coming years. 
Rats carry germs and diseases, which are easily transmitted to us and to our pets. They are always on the hunt for food and warmth, so your home makes the perfect place for them to hide for the winter. 
In the past, rats have been controlled using DIY methods such as traps and poisons, but now the rats are developing immunity to standard rat poisons you can buy from the shop. These pellets are now being eaten as a form of food, so what once killed them is now sustaining them. Now with a resistance to traditional extermination methods, the super-rat is multiplying and growing stronger. 
New traps and baiting methods have been developed to try and combat these mutant rats. Now that some pests are immune to the poison pellets, it’s been advised that pest control experts are bought in if you have an infestation. 
If you think your home may have been invaded by a rat, there’s several signs you can look out for. Droppings left by rats are a huge clue you may have an unwanted visitor, and they will leave holes in walls, doors and carpets they’ve eaten through. You can also keep an eye out for bite marks, and smears of grease from their fur marking your windows or furniture. A big sign there is a rat in your house is scratching noises, especially from within wall cavities, which is a perfect hiding space. 
After you’ve established the rat infestation, or even if you just suspect it, it’s very important that you seek a solution immediately, and contact a pest control expert as soon as possible.