When you are putting clothing and other fabric items into storage for several months or even years, it can be hard to find the perfect solution so that, when you take them out to use them, there are no moth holes in them. Moths are persistent pests that can eat through a lot of expensive or cherished items (or rather their larvae do the eating) and ruin your fine fabrics. If you’re looking for solutions to make sure that you are always on top of moths and one step ahead of them, here are some storage tips. 
Large clothing
If you are looking to take care of those large pieces of clothing (big sweaters or knitwear that won’t fold easily), you should certainly look at air-tight plastic bag storage solutions, which are meant for moth protection. These are great for those large knitwear clothing because they’re clear (or blue if you prefer) so that you can see everything perfectly, but they are tightly zipped shut and completely inaccessible to moths. 
Fine clothing
It’s totally understandable that you are looking to find a way to keep those fine silk dresses and other high-end clothing safe, especially if they should be kept hanging up rather than folded or flat. You’ll find a solution to the moth problem with dress bags. There many kinds out there, so you have to get the right brand to make sure they are going to keep your clothing moth-free. Dresses and jackets can be hung easily in a wardrobe inside the protective bags, so that you can access them when needed, but you know they’re safe.
If you’re looking to keep your bedding in good shape, you should look at the idea of a storage chest that is secure, airtight, and sure to give those piles of blankets great protection. You might consider under-the-bed roller storage bins, but odds are that you are going to want a “one size fits all” option for your bedding. As such, an airtight trunk or chest is probably the best option. Plus, you can always multi-task and use it for other things you want to keep free from moths such as stuffed animals. These will secure tightly and keep you worry-free for as long as you keep them tightly shut.
These tips should help you find you way around the moth issue in storage, and you will be very happy to see that your silk scarf survived, along with your other favourite items of clothing.