When we think about moths, we usually think about the ones we see at night when we leave a light on and a window open. But it’s actually the moths we don’t see that are the biggest problem when it comes to keeping your clothes and soft furnishings safe. 
It is the eggs and larva of indoor moths that feed on your clothes, cushions, curtains and carpets. Dark and warm places like your wardrobe or airing cupboard are the perfect breeding ground for unwelcome visitors. By the time you notice that there are holes in your clothes or furnishings, you’ll already have an infestation on your hands

There are a range of products that have been tried and tested to stop moths in their tracks. The best way to stop an infestation from spreading is to stop the moths from breeding before it can get any worse than it already is. 
Using a moth pheromone trap is an effective and chemical free approach to controlling a moth infestation. It can be used as a long-term solution to keep your stored items safe. Pheromone dispensers work by disrupting the mating cycle of the moth, efficiently resolving the moth problems in your London home. 
Key Facts About Pheromone Traps
• Pheromone traps use synthetically produced pheromones which disrupt the moth life cycle. This in turn reduces the moth population and stops the infestation from spreading. 
• It is an environmentally friendly pest control solution, that is completely non-toxic. A pheromone trap provides continual control, with no risk of pesticide contamination of your belongings. 
If your home or business has a moth problem, a pheromone dispenser could be the perfect solution. Because it is insecticide-free, it can be used in a range of businesses (including the food industry) and is also safe for use around children and pets. 
How It Works 
• Male moths are overcome by the pheromone, so that they cannot find the females to mate with. 
• By placing a pheromone trap around the infested areas, you can disrupt the mating of moths. 
• The pheromone traps attract male moths, so they go towards the dispensers and not towards the females. 
• In turn, it reduces the likelihood of moths mating, which will decrease the level of the moth infestation substantially. 
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