Imagine sleeping on a bed full of bed bugs! This whole thing is disturbing to even think about, yet for an increasing number of UK residents, this is becoming a reality. Bed bugs are possibly the worst kind of intruders to find all over your bedding, furniture and mattresses. After a long, hard day, the last thing you need is to go to bed, only to end up being itchy, bitten and crawled upon by these obnoxious creatures. Not only they are unhygienic, but they also feed on human blood for almost 10-20 minutes at a time. They also spit out a lot of toxic chemicals at the site of the bite. 
Though bed bug control can be a bit tricky, to stop these nasty little creatures feeding on you, we suggest you to follow some steps. They are:
•Launder your bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets at regular intervals. Bed bugs aren’t particularly fond of a clean environment.
•Instead of using insecticides, find a company that offers heat treatment instead. Bed bugs develop resistance against various insecticides over a period of time. Also, insecticides contain toxic substances which can be very harmful for children and pets. Heat treatment is non-toxic, and kills eggs as well as adult bed bugs.
•Keep your sheets and mattresses cool when not in use.  
•Use white sheets, if possible. It not only helps to identify any bed bugs that might be present, but is also cool at the same time.
•Thoroughly vacuum and clean the affected areas prior to any treatment procedure.
•Wash your bed linen in hot water. Just washing the bedding is not enough. You should also dry them at high temperatures. This is very important.
•Don’t buy a second-hand furniture.
•Use bed bug traps. Since bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide present in the human breath, bed bug traps use carbon dioxide as a bait to lure the bugs in and capture them.
•You can always seek professional help for bed bug treatment. Pest control companies usually offer a range of services for exterminating bed bugs. This will mean peace of mind for you, because they will be able to eliminate the bed bugs completely. 
Getting rid of bed bugs is not a very difficult task. All it asks for is a little bit of commitment. Bed bugs have already started to become a pandemic in the major cities of the UK, with Bed bugs in London becoming more and more prevalent, with residential properties, hotels and guest houses all becoming increasingly vulnerable to infestations.