Although cockroaches are very common, and people all over the world tolerate their presence without a second thought,they possess the ability to put your health at risk. And even in the UK,cockroaches can wreak havoc in your house if you let them.

Most cockroaches found in the UK can be divided into two categories: German and Oriental.

In order to get rid of cockroaches effectively from your house by using the right kind of pest control for cockroach, it is useful to recognise which kind of the pest you are dealing with.

Here, we will help you how to identify German cockroaches, as well as Oriental cockroaches.

How to identify German cockroaches?

A German cockroach is not very hard to identify. It is known to have a wide body shape that is somewhat flat and long. German cockroaches have 6 legs in total. They also have 2 antennae toward their front end. Adult German cockroaches of both sexes tend to be around 13mm to 16mm long. As far as colour is concerned, they range between a light brown colour and tan. Young German cockroaches look quite dark,however, almost to the point of appearing blackish. In many types of cockroach,there are differences between the appearances of the genders. In the case of the German roach, males feature a more tapered abdomen.

How to identify Oriental cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches look quite noticeably different from them. An Oriental cockroach is going to have a body that is shiny black in colour, or a darker shade of reddish brown. Oriental cockroaches do not have any markings on their body -another prominent feature that differentiates them from other types of cockroaches. Adult males tend to be about 25mm long and females about 32mm long. Interestingly, adult males have wings, too, covering about 3/4 of their abdominal area, although the females don’t have wings. Regardless of gender,however, Oriental cockroaches cannot fly.

Usually, cockroaches can be controlled by using home remedies. Also, German cockroach control is not necessarily any harder than Oriental cockroach control.

However, sometimes, things can get out of hand. If you find your house becoming infested with a lot of cockroaches of any kind, it is best that you call a professional cockroach pest control agency. A serious cockroach infestation is not something you want to take lightly if you value your health.