Moths are a big problem in the summer for us Brits. They come into our homes through open windows and fly around our lights for what seems like hours, leaving little patches of dust as they go. 
Not only do some types frustrate us no end by endlessly headbutting our lights, others also have the cheek to eat our clothes and carpets too. Then they leave their dust everywhere to boot.
In the past year, around 1.5 million homes in the UK have suffered from a moth infestation. With very little effort you can easily remove an infestations from your home with professional moth treatment, and then put a prevention routine in place to make sure it won’t happen again.
Here is our pest control expert guide on getting rid of UK moths for good
• Give your wardrobe a deep clean – Moths love dark, warm places, so your wardrobe is the perfect place to hide. They also have a readily available food source in your clothes. Take all of your clothes out of your closet and give it a thorough clean, vacuuming all the shelves and into the corners too. After you’ve done this, get some detergent and wipe down your wardrobe to kill off any moth larvae or eggs.
• Keep your clothes clean – As disgusting as it may seem, moths love sweat stains on clothing. So before you put your clothes away, make sure you’ve washed them properly. Placing moth traps in cupboards can help in the short term.
• Turn the heat off – Moths love the warmth your home can give them. Try turning your central heating down to reduce the appeal of your home to moths.
• Keep up the cleaning – Vacuuming and keeping your home neat and tidy will help you to avoid a moth infestation. Be sure to vacuum your home regularly, and deep clean your wardrobes and drawers when you can.
• Throw away old clothes – De-cluttering is a great way to ward off most pests, limiting the places they can hide. Maintain a tidy wardrobe, and try to throw/ give away old clothes as often as possible to reduce the chances of a moth infestation.
• And if all else fails… – Call in the professionals. Our team here at Catch-it have been trained in moth control, so can take care of any sort of moth problem for you with our 24 hour emergency call out service.