Now that the warm weather is here, we’ve started to notice a small number of them outside our homes. Whilst this isn’t really a problem, when you see a big anthill you know that your London home might soon be infested. This is the time for some pest control. 
Ants can very easily find their way indoors, and it’s very difficult to stop them because of their size and persistence. What you can do though, is to get rid of their colony and stop them infesting your home. Here are some ways to get rid of anthills on your London property. 
Using Traditional Pesticides 
Ants can make their nests anywhere in your garden. If you can’t find the anthill, try to find out where the ants return to. When you have found the nest, you can use traditional pesticides to treat the nest. This could either be in powder or spray form. 
If the problem is localised, just treating the anthill alone will solve it. But if there are ants around your whole garden, it’s best to treat the entire area. You can keep treating the same area again if the problem persists. When you want to treat your entire garden, call in the professionals here at Catch-it to take care of the treatment for you. The treatment of ants may take a couple of applications, but you can be sure that the problem is entirely exterminated. 
Natural Treatments 
Having a minor ant problem can be remedied in a more natural way. One of the most popular ones is using soapy water, like washing up liquid. This will kill a large amount of the colony and the remaining ants will move on. Simply put some liquid soap in boiling water, and when the water is still hot pour it over the anthill. 
If your ant problem is a lot more significant where the ants have infested your home, you should call our team to come out to your home and exterminate the problem for you. You want to be sure you are getting rid of the problem rather than just the problem that you can see in front of you.