If you have a pet dog or cat then, unfortunately, fleas come with the territory. Generally, fleas can be kept under control with regular flea treatments that can be bought from your vet – but sometimes, particularly during the warmer months, flea problems can explode and, before you know it, they are jumping everywhere – including all over you. 
When this happens, it becomes time to bring pest control London experts like Catch-It Pest Control. We’ve successfully dealt with many flea problems by using methods and products that are proven to exterminate fleas quickly. 
The big issue with fleas is that the problem can quickly reoccur after successful treatment if preventative measures aren’t taken. Here are a few snippets of the advice we give our pest control London clients on how to get rid of fleas for good:
1.Buy quality flea treatments
It’s worth a trip to the vets to buy ‘prescription’ flea treatments for your pet as these are generally much more effective than those you can buy off the supermarket shelf.
Regular vacuuming is essential to remove fleas and flea eggs from your carpets and soft furnishings. As pest control London experts, we often advise pet owners to hoover every day or two in the summer months when it is most important to get rid of fleas. 
3.Wash bedding
If your cat or dog has its own bed then the chances are this is where fleas will hide out. Washing the bedding regularly on a high heat will help exterminate fleas and eggs if they do reappear.
4.Arrange regular visits from your pest control expert
If you have a number of pets or find it difficult to stay on top of exterminating fleas, it might be a good idea to set up regular appointments with a pest control London expert like us who can ensure the problem is kept at bay.