Birds cause a problem for many businesses, be they big or small. Since businesses often don’t have money in the budget for anything other than the essentials, pest bird control isn’t normally high on the list of priorities, so it isn’t always taken care of. The problem with this is that birds can cause no end of trouble for companies, including structural damage to buildings from their waste, and in the case of food outlets, illnesses and bacteria can spread from these winged animals to your human customers. The issue of nuisance birds needs to be taken seriously, as well as their making their eviction top of your to do list. Here are some options.
Whether you’re are a company or a homeowner, bird eviction is something to take seriously if you are getting large numbers of them on a regular basis. There are three main options that you can look at, all varying in terms of their approach, but all guaranteed to be non-lethal to the birds as well as to you. 
The first option is look at spikes for your rooftop and window sills. These can be very effective in that it prevents the birds from having a safe space to land and stay. If there are no comfortable places to land, they will be less likely to stay and cause problems.
Another option for a more aggressive approach would be to string thin wires along the surfaces of your building so that when birds try to land on them, a slight shock is given to them to deter them away. As with the previous method, this shock is not enough to hurt the bird, simply scare it and send it off to find another safer place to enjoy.
Lastly, you can look at a type of gloop that can be applied to the landing surfaces of your premises that will smell terrible to the birds and keep them from landing there. If they do land, they will have a hard time getting out of the sticky substance, so they are more likely to go and find somewhere else to hang out or nest.
These are all options that many large corporations use for bird control. The thing to remember is that birds can cause serious problems, and are more of a nuisance than simply making a lot of noise and disturbing customers. A bird infestation needs to be taken seriously for everyone’s health and safety, be the problem in an office building, a restaurant or a shop.