There’s an old saying that wherever you are, you’ll always be within three feet of a spider. But since they’re such good hiders, you might not notice them around as much. While they’re hiding, they  breed and grow in numbers. To prevent this from happening, simply follow these top tips for controlling London spiders! 
Prevent Spiders From Entering Your London Home 

• Check for cracks – Spiders are great at squeezing through small holes. As long as there is a way spiders can enter your home, your spider problem will never be solved. Check for holes and crevices around your doors and windows too, and make sure to fill them with sealant. A great bonus is that sealing all possible entries keep other pests out as well. 
• Make sure spiders aren’t being attracted to your lights – Spiders are very attracted to lights. If you have noticed quite a lot of spiders in your home, you might want to replace your outdoor lights with sodium-vapour lights. This will prevent them from wanting to enter your home in the first place. 
• Use some vinegar – White vinegar is a perfect cleaning solution and an amazing insect repellent. Spiders really don’t appreciate the smell. Clean your doors, windows and other entry points with white vinegar to prevent spiders. 

Dealing With Spiders When They’re In Your Home 
Getting rid of a spider infestation can be accomplished by keeping them out through proactive pest control measures. If they’re already in your home, you need to call us here at Catch-it Pest Control. Spiders can breed at an alarming rate, and a small infestation can become a huge problem in a very short time. 
Having a few house spiders won’t hurt you. In fact, they are great at keeping other, worse, pests such as flies out of your home. A great pest prevention routine will make sure the situation doesn’t get out of hand though. On the plus side, if your London home does get infested, you’ll just need to make one call out to our team of experts and your spider problem will be taken care of.