No one wants to experience a bed bug infestation. But more than that, you don’t want to deal with an infestation twice! If you’ve recently had a run in with bed bugs, how you clean your home afterwards can make an impact on how effective the treatment is in the long term. 
Here we are going to give you the basic steps to clean up after a bed bug infestation. Make sure you speak to one of our pest control experts who has treated your home for specific instructions on how to clean up you home. 
Give It Some Time 
One of the most important pieces of advice you can get from your pest controller is when you can clean after your treatment. Many treatments take a while to work so you may have to wait for some time to pass. If you clean up straight away, you may limit your treatments effectiveness. In most cases, you need to wait 30 days before cleaning floors, skirting boards and any walls next to appliances. 
It’s also very important not to shampoo or steam any soft surfaces in your home, including carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture until some time has passed. You can still vacuum when you need to, but make sure to empty the bag every time you use it in an outside bin.
The things you need to clean immediately after a bed bug infestation treatment are surfaces like dining tables, coffee tables, kitchen counters and oven hobs. You should wipe them all down with soap and warm water, or a disinfectant. 
Focus On Removables 
The basic rule of cleaning up is if it’s soft and you can pick it up, you should clean it with some heat. This will help to kill any remaining bed bugs. 
• Bed linen, throws, blankets, clothes, pillows and seat cushions – all of the soft things around your home that can be washed in the washing machine should be washed at the highest temperature possible. 
• All washed items should then be dried in the dryer on a high heat for two hours. 
• Anything that can’t be washed should be steam or dry cleaned to kill any bed bugs left there.