The coldest season is coming your way sooner than you may want to think about, so it’s time to put together your plan for how to keep pests out of your home this winter. From small pests like insects, to big ones like rodents, they all love finding a home with you where they can ride out the winter season and get access to all the food they want. So, if you want to get rid of these pests, or keep them from coming in at all, take a look at the following tips.

1. Do your prep work outside: You need to make sure you do your part in staying pest free by making sure that you look outside properly to check on any kind of cracks or holes in the walls or foundations, no matter how small or hard to reach they are. Pests can get into your safe home through the smallest of cracks, so make sure you protect yourself as much as possible.
2. Keep your home clean: During the winter months, pests will still only come into a property if it is alluring to them. So make sure you keep your home as clean and de-cluttered as possible so that they don’t have places to make nests, and they don’t find anything worth sticking around for.
3. Keep firewood outside your home, at least 20 feet away: Firewood is a cosy place for pests of all kinds, so make sure you keep it outside your home (where it’s cold and unattractive to pests) and that it is as least 20 feet away from your property. This will minimise the amount of pests you bring into your home on the wood.
4. Keep an eye out for infestations: The biggest thing is to make sure that you are always watching for infestations. The sooner you see them, the easier they are to deal with. So, pull out those old boxes and furniture every once in a while, and make sure that nothing is chewed up, or that there is nothing making a nest in there. It’ll be worth it.
These tips will help you stay on top of the pest problem this winter, so that your home is only full of the things you want it to contain. Do your prep work and stay on top of the pest problem all season long.