If you have a problem with moths in your home then you know just how hard they can be to catch and get rid of due to their sneaky and fast paced nature. They’re also hard to get rid of because they’re resistant to most kind of pest control methods except professional intervention. However, pheromone moth traps may make the difference between a manageable infestation and one that is out of control, so here is everything you need to know about them.
Firstly, these traps work simply because they are the perfect lures for male moths. Moths communicate through pheromones – like dogs and cats – so these traps have been designed to send out a smell that works like a welcome sign from female moths. The males come into the trap as a response to a fake female signal, and voila, it’s stick in the sticky surface the trap is coated with. Think of it like a siren’s relationship with a sailor.
More specifically, these pheromone moth traps are so useful because it’s all natural science. That is, it’s essentially the same as pitting male moths against each other and pulling them into an ambush situation, so it’s definitely useful when the traps are placed correctly in your home. Speaking of which…
If you’re looking to catch clothes moths, put these traps 25 feet apart in a square pattern to make them most attractive to them. It also means that you will have maximum success if you are meticulous in how you put the traps out. Additionally, they are best used when put at eye level or around that height, as this placement that seems to get their attention for the most part. The floor is another common one. 
The thing to remember, however, is that these are only meant as part of a wider moth control plan. They won’t be extremely effective on their own, because moths are hard to get rid of at the best of times. This is a great start, however, and the science behind it is great and so simple that it might work quite well to thin the next generation by breaking the breeding cycle of the trapped males.
Perfect for use up to 2 months at a time, it seems that these simple traps may just do the trick when you’re trying to get on top of a mild to medium moth situation. The hard part comes with the idea of pairing the right moth control option with this one. A professional can help you make the right choice and will tell you, too, where to perfectly place these traps for maximum effect.