Food poisoning is not only a horrible thing to have, it’s also very dangerous for your health. Residential pest control and commercial pest control both can help to prevent food poisoning from happening. Doing the most effective food pest control keeps food pests at bay, and also eliminates the chances of food poisoning for you or your customers.
One of the main causes for food poisoning is preparation areas and equipment being contaminated, and this is what pests do. Even having one pest in your property can spread a lot of bacteria in a short amount of time. And if this happens, it could leave you, your family or your customers incredibly ill.  If food pests get into your food or water supply, all of that becomes contaminated too and increases the risk of food poisoning even further.
The bacteria that cause food poisoning are carried by pests such as rodents and cockroaches. Hiring a great pest controller who can treat both commercial and residential pests, such as ourselves, will make sure no pests will spread food poisoning.
Here are some other tips you can use to prevent food poisoning. 
• Clean food preparation areas – Mopping and sweeping the floors is really essential to fight against pests who could spread food poisoning. Eliminating their food source means they won’t be entering your property. Remember to clean behind the fridge and oven as well as the food prep areas. This is where grease builds up, which is a big attractor for pests such as cockroaches.
• Clean all your surfaces – Cleaning your work surfaces thoroughly with an antibacterial solution is a great way to prevent pests and the spread of food poisoning. Wipe down all of your surfaces where you prepare food, and clean up spillages and food immediately so there are no attractants for pests.
• Keep your cleaning materials clean – It may seem like a strange idea to clean your cleaning materials. But thousands of bacteria can fester on dish rags and mops. You should clean these regularly and dispose of them if they’ve become too dirty. This is especially important if you own a restaurant or food business, where your reputation could be damaged by food poisoning.
Catch-it Pest Control have a great range of contracts to service residential and commercial properties for pest control. We can make sure no pests, from cockroaches to disease carrying birds, will be able to spread food poisoning to you, your customers or your family.