Looking at the title of this post, you might be thinking to yourself: how can squirrels be a problem? Surely they are just  cute furry creatures, roaming around parks,eating their food, climbing trees, and minding their own business. But there is a genuine reason for concern in some households, because their chewing and playing habits have started to intrude on human lives to a potentially dangerous degree. They have the ability to chew on trees with ease; but what happens when they get into your home and start chewing on your property with the same gusto?

Grey squirrels do not hibernate, so they have the capacity to be a problem all year round, but especially in the colder months when they seek out indoor shelter. This can be of great concern for anyone living in a property with a roof space or loft. Their presence is not always obvious, and they are very elusive, which makes them hard creatures to catch. Unlike other pest rodents like rats or mice, grey squirrels are active during the daytime.So if you notice noises in your attic during the day, and you are pretty sure that it is not the wind, you might need to consider the possibility that you have squirrels in loft or even elsewhere in your house. Why is that a problem and why do we need pest control for squirrels?Let us see.

A squirrel’s teeth grow constantly, and to keep them ground down they will chew almost everything. From electrical wiring to wooden structures, nothing is out of their purview. They can damage structural elements in your house to make their nests. Once those squirrels in attic start reproducing, it gets very difficult to get them out of your property, so it is best for everyone that they remain outside from the start. Squirrels belong to the same family as rats, and share some of their traits. At first, they seem to be minor problems, stealing food and the like,but eventually they can become major pests.

The most important part of stopping a grey squirrel infestation in your home is prevention. Seal all your doors and windows. Coverall the cracks and crevices in your building. Electric fences can also be installed.If you get around to preventative measures too late because they have already taken up residence, your chances of removing all the squirrels successfully are very shaky, because squirrels pest control is very difficult. You can use squirrel traps with baits such as nuts, especially peanuts.