Have you heard of that expression ‘hangry’? When you’re so hungry, you become angry about it! Pests may never experience hanger, because some of them can last a really long time without having anything to eat at all. 

Here are some facts about how long some pests can live without food. 
Because spiders can stay inactive for super long periods of time, they use a lot less energy. This is why they don’t have much need for food on a regular basis. Spiders also have a super slow metabolism, which means massive lengths of time can go by without them needing anything to eat. 
Bed Bugs 
It’s a common myth that bed bugs can survive for up to a year without food. If they are in a very hospitable environment, they can survive a few months without eating. The average is 5-20 days though. Bed bugs feed on our or animal blood, and they only need a tiny bit to carry on surviving for a while. 
They may not be able to survive a nuclear bomb, but cockroaches can live for a while without food. Cockroaches are incredibly hardy, which means they have built in survival mechanisms that helps them when they are in harsh environments. Energy isn’t used to keep their bodies warm, because cockroaches are cold blooded. So all in all, cockroaches can go around a month without eating, a week without water and a week without a head! 
Ants aren’t particularly picky about what they eat. They live in colonies, which means they can survive a lot longer than if they were alone. Meals are more accessible when ants go out to forage in groups. But ants can only last a couple of days without eating. 

A pest that can’t last very long without food is a mouse. Because of their incredibly fast metabolism, they need to eat frequently to have the energy to fuel them. Mice can probably last around 2-4 days without any food, but can last a lot longer without water because they can absorb moisture from what they eat. 
All of these pests can be found in London homes. Some of them can survive for quite a while without any food, so can be a massive problem if they go unnoticed.