While it’s so easy to let our gardens become cluttered in the winter, there is a point that it can become dangerous for you. Having clutter in your garden helps dangerous pests out by providing them shelter. And once these pests are in your garden, the dangers of them being present becomes worse and worse. 
Pests need food, shelter and water to survive. So having clutter in your garden can harbour all of these things, and making your garden their new home. Pests can hide in anything in your garden, and if you don’t declutter, it may go unnoticed for a long period of time.
When your garden has a lot of clutter, you won’t be able to see where water is collecting or any available food sources for pests. This makes it so hard to get rid of any kinds of pests that may be lurking there.
There are many pests that will take advantage of a cluttered garden. Each pest that will want to infest your garden brings with it its own set of risks.
• Rodents spread diseases, bacteria and germs through direct contact and their urine and faeces.
• Rodents also contaminate your food and any surfaces they touch. They will easily infest your home if they are in your garden.
• Cockroaches can cause allergies and make asthma symptoms worse.
• Bed bugs can infest any old furniture you have outside, and it’s only a short hop into your London home. 
• Rodents constantly gnaw at everything in sight, meaning that your outdoor wiring and furniture could be at risk.
• If a rodent does gnaw through any wiring, it can create a serious fire hazard.
The best way to avoid any of these pests infesting your garden is to declutter your garden on a regular basis. If you’ve spotted an insect or rodent problem in your London home or garden, please make sure to contact Catch-it Pest Control immediately. We offer pest control solutions to any size problem, designed to eradicate existing infestations and make sure they never return.