No matter how little you think of a rat and how horrible they are, you should never underestimate their abilities. Every homeowner should know just what a rat can do, so that you can effectively get rid of them if you ever suffer from a pest infestation.
Rats can jump 36” into the air, or 0.9m from a flat surface. They can also stretch to reach around 13” or 33cm from a flat surface too. Rats are normally the last ones to evacuate a sinking ship, but they are able to dive and can swim underwater for up to 30 seconds. If they are in open water, they can also swim as far as ½ a mile or 0.8km. These swimming abilities allow them to swim upwards through waste pipes and into toilets, which is how they get into our home plumbing.
Here are some other facts about rats that you might want to know as a homeowner. 
• A rat can squeeze itself through an opening as small as 1/2”. That’s about 1.3cm, which leaves your property very susceptible to rats being able to enter.
• Rats can walk along horizontal wires with ease. Some can even climb vertical wires.
• Rats can crawl up the inside of vertical pipes as small as 1.5” or 3.8cm in diameter. This means our drains and pipes are very much at risk for a rat to be able to enter our home.
• Some rats can climb up the outside of vertical pipes that have a diameter of 7.6cm or 3”.
• If your plumbing or electrical pipes and wires are within 3” or 7.6cm of your properties walls, a rat can easily climb up them with room to spare.
• Rats have front teeth that are continuously growing, which is why they need to gnaw on hard surfaces to keep them down. They will attack lots of different materials from wood to glass. And if you ever receive a rat bite, it will definitely come sharp!
So all in all, a rats abilities are pretty incredible. But even with these super rat abilities, we can still get rid of a rat control problem for you. Do you have a rat infestation in your London home or business? Visit our contact us page for more information on how we can help you.