Reading this title, I’m sure you’re not feeling too good about wanting to continue reading!  You aren’t alone. No one wants to talk about cockroaches, simply because they are disgusting and make you shudder just thinking about them. But, here we are all the same with this tough topic and its details. Brace yourself for the education that you need to beat these pests.
Cockroaches can be detected, like most pests, by the signs that they leave behind. The first thing you may notice when you have an infestation is the fact that there is a strange odour around your home, especially in your bathroom or kitchen. This odour comes from those pesky cockroaches as they slide around your home and come together in groups.
You may also notice tiny (2mm) droppings from time, but more often then not you will see strange streaks around their chosen paths. These streaks will show you that you are close to their habitat. Sometimes skin sheds can be found too if you get really close to where they’re living, so keep an eye out for those husks.
So, why is this important?  Cockroaches are carriers of all kinds of diseases, including poisons that will impact humans and pets alike. They pass on all sorts of bacteria, and since they will trek through the food or water sources we use, you could be ingesting contamination and not even know it. As such, cockroach detection is really important.
If you are in a workplace, you will also want to get rid of cockroaches immediately, due to the negative impact they have on your business’ reputation. Having pests around the office also affects the wellbeing of employee, not to mention customers. No one wants to be around these nasty creatures, and certainly not a client who goes to use the bathroom and finds a cockroach swimming in the sink.
Home and work, while different environments, need to take the same “no nonsense” approach to cockroaches, in the sense that they shouldn’t be tolerated. Your reasons may vary in terms of your priorities, depending on what situation you are in, but you need to make sure that getting rid of these disease-carrying, sneaky pests is at the top of your to do list.
Pick your poison in terms of getting rid of cockroaches: calling in a professional, or the long road of doing it yourself, but make sure you take their presence and the threat they pose as seriously as you can.