Fly pests are irritating. No one likes to see them buzzing around, and I am sure you are here because you are one of those people. And if the nuisance caused by these nasty little insects is not annoying enough, the bad effects on our health are something we need to be mindful about, too. Two pretty important reasons why you want to keep flies out of your kitchen as much as possible.

You have probably tried way too many methods and techniques to keep flies out over time already, all to no avail. Here are a couple of unusual techniques that might work for you.

Hanging a plastic bag full of water

All you need for this technique is water and a clear plastic bag. The plastic bag, once filled with water and securely tied, needs to be hung in your kitchen doorway. Simply having it hanging there can prevent flies from coming in. Amazing, isn’t it?


  • Pour water into the plastic bag and fill it halfway.
  • Secure the mouth of the bag properly by tying a knot at its open end. A rubber band will work just as well.
  • Hang the well knotted plastic water bag at the entrance to your kitchen.

As much as this process is effective, it is also very interesting, so I’m sure you want to know the scientific rationale behind this remedy…

Well, the structure of a fly’s eye is different from that of humans, and, for some reason, they tend to see and interpret water bags as a spider’s web. And for them, obviously, this is a no go area. The second reason is that strange distortions and illusions are created due to the reflective nature of the water, and the convex surface created by the bulging bag. This illusion makes the insects feel pretty disorientated, and does a surprisingly good job of keeping them away.

Spraying essential oils

This technique comes with a dollop of icing on the cake. As well as ensuring that flies are kept away from your kitchen, this remedy will also fill your home with refreshing fragrances and aroma. Flies are warded off by the smell of lemon grass oil, lavender essential oil, and various other plants and oils. Fine mister sprays sprays can be made from these essential oils, preventing flies from buzzing around, and simultaneously freshening your kitchen and your spirits in the process.


  • You would need: Lemon grass or Lavender oil, a mister spray bottle, and hot water.
  • Pour about 10 drops of essential oil into the bottle.
  • Add about around 5 table spoons (or a quarter of cup) of hot water to the oil.
  • Mix the ingredients together by shaking vigorously.
  • Spray this around the entrance to your kitchen and any other windows or doorways to your house. You can also keep the spray bottle handy and use it to spray flies whenever you see any.

If these techniques seem a bit technical or time consuming for you, or simply don’t work because an existing infestation is too severe, I suggest you consult a professional company who offers fly pest control in London for more details and solutions on how to get rid of flies from your kitchen. Always remember: health is wealth! Play safe!