Having pests anywhere near your food is not only dangerous for your health, it can ruin any kind of reputation you have if you have a business that handles food too. Pests love food, moisture and shelter. So if you’re property can offer them this easily, they will happily infest your property. 
Here are some of the most common food pests and what you can do about them.
Probably the most feared of all food pests is the cockroach. Cockroach control problems Should be taken seriously as these creatures are so dangerous because of the bacteria they carry. They can even trigger allergies and asthma attacks.
Cockroaches can infest your property and become a severe problem very quickly. They hide in the dark spaces, and are often hard to spot. Removing any cockroaches you see immediately can help to reduce the population. You then need a professional pest controller help to find where the cockroaches are living. They can treat these spaces, along with any cracks and crevices where a cockroach can hide.
Rodents can not only infect your food with their bacteria, they also can do a whole lot of damage if the problem goes untreated. As well as all of this, rats can bite when they feel threatened which also transmits diseases. Rodents can be kept out of your property with a pest prevention routine.
Flies easily sneak into your property without being spotted. Even opening a window or a door for a second can let a fly in. Once an infestation is established they become very difficult to control, especially during the summer months. You can purchase fly repellent and fly sprays over the counter, as well as fly paper to trap any flies that may be buzzing around.
Ants pose a huge problem when it comes to food. To treat an ant infestation you need the help of an experienced pest control professional to get the problem under control effectively. Remember that using ant powder and other chemicals around food can be just as dangerous as the pest itself.
If you see any of these pests around your food, you need to call us in immediately. We have extensive experience dealing with these pests in the London area.