If you are a restaurant owner, you work incredibly hard to keep your business organised and successful. So what happens when flies put a dampener on all that hard work?

Flies can cause serious issues for your restaurant. An infestation will grow quickly, and all of your food will then become contaminated. If the health inspector decides to visit, your business will be shut down. Even having a small infestation leads to hefty fines, let alone the permanent damage it will do to your reputation.
Managing flies and any other types of pests in a restaurant has to be done in the right way because of the presence of food health and safety standards. Here are a few tips to keep the flies out of your restaurant.
Hire The Pest Professionals 
If you find that you have flies in your restaurant, you need to call in pest control experts immediately. An experienced professional will know the best methods of elimination without using harmful substances around food items. Catch-it pest control can work with you develop an integration pest management and prevention plan. We can come up with a contract that suits your specific needs, keeping you fly and pest free at all times.
Train Your Staff 
Make sure that all of your staff are trained to know flies and other pests are such a concern, and to look out for the signs of an infestation. All employees should be trained in sanitation procedures.
Keep Your Restaurant Clean 
Flies love moist, warm food to eat and breed on. To keep flies away from your restaurant, you need to make sure all water sources are removed and that food is cleaned up and stored properly. You also need to make sure the exterior of your restaurant is just as clean as the interior. Regularly clean and empty your bins, and make sure the lids can be tightly closed. Keep your drains clean too.
Prevent The Problem 
Preventing flies from infesting your restaurant is the best way to keep your business safe. Always check around your restaurant for openings where any type of pest could get in, and seal them off. Give us a call today to learn more about pest prevention and extermination in your London restaurant.