Pigeons have a lot more going on in their minds than meets the eye. There are lots of intriguing details that will change the way you look at them, because they truly are incredible animals!  Yes, they can cause chaos in your loft and make a mess of your solar panels and buildings, and cause all sorts of ruckus, but pigeons are also quite interesting. And surprisingly intelligent.
For example, feral pigeons are known to recognise the people who feed them. While this may not surprise you, it is an amazing feat. In public places, they’ll home in on the people who feed them regularly, and then flock around that person to see if s/he has brought some food with them. 
Historically, pigeons have had a tough time of it. In 2000, Ken Livingstone made the move of discouraging pigeons from Trafalgar Square by banning the seed sellers that lined them. Thankfully, pigeon-lovers and animal rights activists gathered together to fight this, and snuck food in to these feral creatures that were starting to die from starvation. The battle went on with people on both sides. Some argued that the pigeon population was too large, others argued that people had a right to feed the birds as they always had been. To this day, London is still battling this issue, and methods such as hawks being released over parks to see off pigeons are being used. For some, it’s cruel, for others it’s “good riddance”. Even so, London is a common area for the feral pigeon because they know they’ll find a kind hand (and some bread) somewhere. 
It’s understandable that you aren’t enthusiastic to have a pigeon problem in your home, but a pigeon is relatively harmless to you as a person. They are unlikely to pass on some kind of bird sickness unlike a lot of other breeds. However, having pigeons loose in your loft, or nesting in your eaves, is sure to cause a nightmare in terms of the corrosive and smelly nature of their droppings. Consider the option of calling a pest control company to carry out humane pigeon control and make sure the pigeon, you, and your home survive the ordeal. Pigeons have got brains if not looks, have served our country through two world wars as messengers, and are part of our London heritage. Just show them some love by looking at professional pest control technicians who can take care of them ethically.